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Don’t miss visiting Balandra Beach while exploring Baja California. After traveling to some of Mexico’s most popular beach destinations including Cancun and Tulum in the Riviera Maya, we’d still slot Balandra Beach at the top spot for the best beach in Mexico.

Near La Paz​

Balandra Beach is only 30 minutes Drive from La Paz

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About balandra beach

Visit the Most Beautiful Beach of Mexico

About 2 hours north drive of Cabo and only 30 minutes drive from La Paz.

Expect amazing!

Visit Balandra

Visit Balandra

The calm, shallow waters of the lagoon are perfect for swimming, SUP boarding, and kayaking. At the inner edge of Balandra Beach, the fine sand and blue water transitions into a mangrove forest where thousands of small, brightly colored fish dart through the roots of the trees.

View from Above

View from Above

If you park in the small dirt lot in front of the main beach, there’s a small hill where you can get an amazing view over the whole bay. Follow the rocky trail to see Balandra Beach from above!

Free of Infrastructure

Free of Infrastructure

The shores of Balandra Beach are pure and pristine because it was designated as a Natural Protected Area in 2008, so no construction is allowed. The closest hotels are in La Paz, which is where we decided to set up a home base for a few days to explore the area.



It’s amazing to see Balandra Beach while the white sand beaches are still empty. It makes me happy to see a place this beautiful preserved from the commercialism that encroaches on so many other places that look like a natural paradise.


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¨The Mushroom¨

The Mushroom Rock in Bahia Balandra has long been the symbol of La Paz Appearing in postcards and countless photos. Sometime in the winter of 2005 the rock was discovered toppled from its location by local residents. When the rock fell, the La Paz business community came to its rescue.

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Balandra Beach Cabo is a shallow cove of sparkling water surrounded by low mountains. The water in the circular bay is usually no deeper than your knees or up to your waste at certain points, allowing you to walk across it to the completely deserted side where you’ll have one of the best Cabo beaches all to yourself.

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One of the best beach I have been to, the water is crystal clear. The beach is up to knee height so you can walk out for a bit. The water is very refreshing even in November.


I would recomend to bring your running shoes because you can hike the little mountain and take some amazing pictures. YOU CAN’T MISS THE VIEW FROM THE TOP!!

Anna Sanjuan

The most beautiful beach i visited in my life.
Pay attention that they open the beach for the public in special hours, when we were there it was from 08:00- 11:00 and then again from 12:00- 15:00 better to arrive early since they are limiting the number of people who can enter. Bring your water and food because there isn’t there, and please take your garbage with you when you leave to keep this nature pearl clean.

Michael Elia Kamal

Beautiful beach in La Paz. It was nice to walk through it during the morning but be careful as there are plenty of rays, snakes and pufferfish in those waters (particularly if you have small children).

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