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Open Daily from 8 am - 5 Pm Maximum of 450 Visitors Allowed per time phase.

Welcome to Balandra

Welcome to, your gateway to the breathtaking oasis of biodiversity at Balandra. Before embarking on your journey to soak up the sun in this pristine paradise, it is essential to obtain a mandatory bracelet. Conveniently located at our facilities, The Cortez Club, these bracelets ensure your access to the wonders of Balandra.

Please note that a National Park Fee of $160 MXN or $8 USD per person is required for entry, and it is non-refundable.

Our doors are open daily from 8 am to 5 pm, inviting you to explore and experience the natural beauty of Balandra at your leisure.

Rules to Visit Balandra Bay

Immerse yourself in the unrivaled beauty of Balandra, where tranquil waters beckon with mesmerizing allure. To preserve the intimacy of this natural gem, access to the beach is carefully regulated, welcoming only 450 visitors per day. Our operating hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM, allowing you ample time to savor every moment of this captivating sanctuary.

Ditch the hassle of driving and go by Boat

Embark on a sea voyage that not only promises breathtaking scenery but also guarantees a distinctive arrival experience to your beach paradise. Feel the excitement build as you approach the shores, immersing yourself in the beauty of the journey while anticipating the wonders awaiting you at your destination.

We Take you to Balandra

Access to Balandra Beach is carefully regulated, allowing only 450 visitors at a time. Please note that entrance via road cannot be guaranteed. To ensure your experience, we highly recommend our boat tours as a reliable alternative for accessing and enjoying the beauty of Balandra Beach.

Balandra Tour by Boat

Embark on our 3-hour tour, where you'll discover one of the most secluded beaches in Balandra. Indulge in complimentary water, soft drinks, and snorkeling equipment as you explore the pristine waters and hidden treasures of this breathtaking destination.

Combined Tour

Join us for an unforgettable snorkeling trip to Espiritu Santo Island and Balandra Bay. Dive into crystal-clear waters where playful sea lions await, offering an exhilarating swimming experience. This 6-hour adventure promises excitement and awe as you explore the vibrant marine life of these stunning destinations.

Balandra Bracelet

Please be aware that possessing a National Park Bracelet does not guarantee entry to Balandra Beach. Due to limited capacity, only 450 visitors are permitted per day. Therefore, entry is subject to availability and may not be guaranteed even with a valid bracelet.

4 Hour Sunset to Balandra Beach

Experience the magic of a 4-hour sunset cruise to Balandra Beach aboard our luxurious Sunseeker 50'. Up to 12 passengers can enjoy the breathtaking views and serene atmosphere of La Paz's coastal beauty.

Book your unforgettable sunset experience today! 🌅🚤

8 Hour Espiritu Santo & Balandra Beach

Embark on an unforgettable 8-hour cruise to Espiritu Santo and Balandra Beach aboard our stylish Searay 55'. Explore the stunning coast of La Paz with up to 12 passengers, enjoying the ultimate yachting experience.

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8 Hour Espiritu Santo & Balandra Beach

Experience a breathtaking 8-hour cruise to Espiritu Santo and Balandra Beach aboard our luxurious Simbol 70'. Discover the beauty of La Paz's coastline with up to 12 passengers, enjoying an all-inclusive yachting adventure.

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Fully Certified Guides

At Visit Balandra and BalandraMX, we pride ourselves on being part of The Cortez Club®, the sole NOM133 service provider certified in Baja Sur. This certification guarantees our guests certified captains, guides, and top-notch service, prioritizing your comfort and safety above all else. Rest assured, your experience with us is backed by the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

NOM133 Certified

Discover unparalleled diving experiences with us at Visit Balandra, the exclusive PADI 5-star dive resort in La Paz. As the sole certified NOM133 service provider in Baja, we uphold the highest standards of ecotourism recognized globally. Join us to explore the wonders of the underwater world, knowing that your adventure is supported by our commitment to excellence and environmental sustainability.

Trust our Brand

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us using the provided contact information or by filling out the form below. At The Cortez Club®, we are dedicated to meeting all norm requirements outlined in NMX-AA-133-SCFI 2022. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, and we look forward to assisting you with any inquiries or bookings you may have.

Premium Customer Service

Allow us to pamper you! Our attentive, bilingual crew is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service, ensuring your boating experience is both stress-free and unforgettable. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of every detail, leaving you with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

where to pick up permits

Cortez Club or Sea Side

For over twenty-five years, we’ve proudly stood as the exclusive PADI 5-star dive resort in La Paz, setting the standard for excellence in underwater exploration. As the sole certified NOM133 service provider in Baja, we hold the highest level in ecotourism recognized worldwide. Join us and experience the pinnacle of sustainable adventure, where every dive is a testament to our commitment to preserving the natural wonders of our oceans.

Please be aware that purchasing this permit does not ensure your entry to Balandra Bay. With a strict limit of 450 visitors per day, access is subject to availability and may not be guaranteed even with a valid permit. Thank you for your understanding.


What they say about us

We are thrilled to announce our recent achievement, attaining the highest level in ecotourism recognized worldwide. This accomplishment reflects our unwavering dedication to preserving and promoting the natural beauty and sustainability of our environment. Join us in celebrating this milestone as we continue to lead the way in responsible tourism practices for the benefit of both travelers and the planet.

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